Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Right, well, because I only got round to doing my original blog post today, then it's a double header as today marks the end of week 1!
Managed 4 sessions at the gym this week, for a combined 78.8km, which puts my progres just south of Goole. Not a shabby start!
Next week is going to be tough. Tomorrow marks four gym sessions in four days, first time I've done that in about 12 years, and I'm tired already. However got three days of rest and recouperation after that, in the form 3 days drinking in London to celebrate my friend Rayner's impending nuptuals. 
I get the feeling that Monday's session is going to be tougher.....

Just a quick shout out to all the people who have sponsored me so far, a good solid start and I'm hoping to hammer the social networking sites next week to really start spreading it as far as possible.

This includes some generous sponsorship from Local and National businesses - Start Fitness ( and Maximuscle ( have both been very generous and Cycle Lane Ltd in Pocklington ( have also offered me sponsorship- very much appreciated and a big help towards keeping me going!

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