Friday, 23 November 2012

Well, a really good solid week to make up for last week's poor attempt. No reaction from the knee so I'm delighted. Managed 65km since my last Blog on Monday and I'm going to keep doing weekly entries every Friday from now on.

So where does that leave me overall? 171km into my challenge is where, which equates to being just north of Leicester in my challenge. Seems crazy that I've made up that amount of distance, but it also makes it clear how far there is to go. 171km down, 4039km to go :-(

A big thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far - anyone wishing to do so please go to my JustGiving page

And thanks too to anyone who has shared this page on any Social Media - hopefully the word will spread and more sponsorship will come in - I know Mia's parents are so grateful. If you want to keep an eye on her progress too, her Mum runs a Facebook page at The latest update is about her improvement in making "P" and "Z" noises - such a simple thing for most of us but something that has taken so much work and money to get to for Mia and her Family.

Gym tomorrow, that'll be 5 times this week, then a rest on Sunday :-)

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