Monday, 19 November 2012

Well, I had predicted a difficult week given the drinking and time away, but it was worse than I had imagined! A combination of 3 days in London, a crippling 3 day hangover, catching up with work, a stomach bug and the fact that I spent most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday hobbling about with a knee injury meant I only managed a paltry 20km last week - feeble I know and that puts me well behind schedule!

The knee injury was the most frustrating. I have has a few operations on my right knee over the years, resulting in it currently being held together with a few steel pins and a bit of superglue. However, given all the work it's been doing over the last few weeks it's been feeling amazing - incredibly strong, zero pain and probably the best it has been for about a decade. Imagine my ire then when on awaking on Friday morning it was almost three times the size of my left knee, very painful and almost locked in position. And all this with no discernible cause! Went to bed on Thursday fine, woke up on Friday ruined - very annoying.

But, after a weekend of good rest it's feeling much better and I managed a steady session at the gym this morning with no negative effects. Very weird, but hopeful all better now.

The Stag Do in London was awesome. The hangover was not. I will leave out the gory details.

So, I'm now back on track and ready to eat up some of the deficit this week. I'm shooting for 5 x 20km days, which will put me pretty much back on track and a fair way down the country on my virtual journey. Fingers crossed that my knee agrees to this plan.

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